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Self Love Manifesto!

We tend to be hard on ourselves. Not taking enough care of our being physically, emotionally and spiritually. Especially when we find ourselves messing up or that we’ve made a mistake. We are even more likely to be harder on ourselves than we are on a friend or loved one. In all honesty, we all have some work to do to actively and genuinely exercise self compassion. It is essential that our own well being and happiness is not neglected. Sometimes we get so caught up in the hustle of life, where our career, family, friends, entertainment and media takes centre stage that we completely neglect one of the most important aspects in life which is taking care of us first. I am aware that many of us may believe that taking care of ourselves first is being selfish. However, look at it from this point of view, if we don’t take care of us first how will we be able to give of our best self to others. Think of when we’re flying, we are usually advised in case of an emergency to put on our oxygen mask first before we start helping any one else. It is the same principle in life.  Place your oxygen mask of self care and self love on first before you can give of yourself to others or try to help someone else. A quote by Katie Reed puts it like this, ‘self care means giving the world the best of you instead of what’s left of you.’ Taking care of yourself first shows how much we really care for our loved ones and the individuals who we influence by ensuring that we are able to give them our best self. The most effective way to creating our best self is through self love. It’s only in our strength that we can genuinely and effectively assist others. While we ought to be there for others it is important to note that we never leave ourselves behind. Carry yourself while you carry others. Below I have included some important tips on self love. Remember real change begins when we give ourselves the best love!


Self Love Manifesto!

  1.  Be patient with yourself. You are human and you will make mistakes but always forgive yourself for your shortcomings and move on.
  2. Accept your past as your past. You have everything you need to create a brighter more rewarding future.
  3. Promise yourself every day to be a better version of the person who you were yesterday.
  4. Develop a strong personal relationship with your God and let that bond thrive.
  5. Find your truth and don’t be afraid to live it.
  6. Practice self respect and don’t allow anyone to give you any less respect than you would give to yourself.
  7. Remember that you are a divine vessel and live like you believe it.
  8. Show kindness to yourself daily. Stop being so judgemental toward yourself.
  9. Give yourself tokens and celebrate even small achievements along your journey.
  10. Take a moment to appreciate your uniqueness and know that your existence has purpose.
  11. Celebrate who you are in this moment, even when you desire improvement.
  12. Always seek to practice healthy lifestyle choices. Exercise, eat well, nourish your body and mind.
  13. Remind yourself that you are enough and there is nothing wrong with you!
  14. Allow yourself to evolve and never limit your potential.
  15. Take a moment to appreciate your level of strength and resilience that you possess. Congratulate yourself on how far you’ve come.
  16. Never compare yourself or your progress to others. Each of us is on a different journey.
  17. Always be thankful for the life that you have and where you are even if you haven’t achieved all your goals yet. Love yourself enough to know that you are not there yet but you will get there.
  18. Steer clear of people who have bad intentions and bad energy.
  19. Eliminate people who don’t have your best interest at heart. If they do not have any desire to fuel your fire let them go.
  20. Take breaks from people, environments or situations that create negative energy within you.
  21. Take care of yourself physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and psychologically first. You can’t pour from an empty cup.
  22. Always do self checks to verify whether you’re doing okay.
  23. Let go of stress, depression, anger or anything that produces any sort of negative energy within you. Only allow good light, life and vibrations to reside in your divine vessel.
  24. Always be genuinely grateful for the person you are in this moment and your desires to be a better person.
  25. Be kind to yourself always. Even when faced with disappointments.
  26. Begin each day with a grateful heart and don’t forget to thank your creator for his endless blessings upon you each day.
  27. Treat your own self! Buy yourself flowers and go on solo spa dates.
  28. Spread love and light from you to others daily.
  29. Don’t shrink for anyone! Live fully in all your glory; flaws and all.
  30. Love Yourself!

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20 thoughts on “Self Love Manifesto!

  1. Giving our best selves certainly begins with selflove…always felt that the first model is oneself; All of self love manifesto is super super essential to loving onself but these just jumped out at me
    1, 2, 9, 10, 13, 18, 19, 20, 30.
    Another really great and inspiring blog. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love everything about this. I often find myself spreading my life too thin and can never give anything 100% effort, because I forget about myself. Your blog is so encouraging, keep it up!

    Sydney Meek |


  3. 16-21 especially for me… wonderful manifest here… I am sometimes guilty of really being hard on myself and not cutting myself some slack… thanks for the timely reminders… I love this post

    Liked by 1 person

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