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Favourite Little Things June 2017 Edition!

Hi guys I thought that I’d share a few of my favourite things with you this month. They are not necessarily items that I have only used in the month of June but they’re pretty awesome. These in some way or another inspires, motivates, thrills, helps improve my skin or just adds joy and light to my life. I have read, used or listened to them and I  have been so excited about these items that I was eager to share them with you! I hope they can add joy, light and inspiration to your life in some way as it has done in mine. Check out my favourite little things of June 2017 below:

My Favourite Books

These are three of the best books I have ever read! I kid you not! Seriously, everyone needs to get their hands on these. If you’re looking for something to motivate, inspire, give you drive and guide you with tips on how to find your passion and live it, then you need to spend some time reading these gems!


“You Are A Badass” by Jen Sincero
“Girl Boss” by Sophia Amoruso

“I Am That Girl” by Alexis Jones

My Favorite Products

My second fav are these three products that I bought a few months ago. They have helped maintain smoother skin, helped create a more even tone and an overall fresh faced appearance. I am now able to go makeup free more than I usually do and feel quite comfortable. I’m loving the skin I’m in!!!




Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater, Eva Naturals Retinol & Vitamin C Serum and Acure Marula Oil

My Favorite Decor Items!

My third favourite for this blog post features this beautifully crafted scented candle set in a coconut shell infused with caribbean scents such as mango and passion fruit among others. If you know me then you will be aware of my love scented candles. Oooohhh! I just can’t get enough of them! So on my trip to Grenada last month I couldn’t resist picking these up. I purchased them at True Blue Bay Boutique Resort. I got the Mango and Passion Fruit scents. They smell divine! If you’re ever in Grenada check them out.


Handmade Scented Candles by Arawak Islands Ltd

My Favorite Flower 

Next up is one of the most beautiful flowers that exist. Bougainvillea! If you don’t know now you know!!! They help create such a carefree, relaxed and summery feel. It’s almost as if you’re vacationing at home! The bright hues of fuschia, orange, and pinks makes your space so vibrant that you hardly have to add very much more to create an aesthetically pleasing environment. Below I’m sharing a picture of my bougainvillea plant from my home in Dominica.

Fuchsia Bougainvillea

My Favorite Songs

And the last favourite feature are these two songs which I have been jamming to all month long. They are:

  • Road Trip by Kirk Franklin from his “Losing my Religion” Album- One of the most encouraging songs I’ve listened to. It’s quite a reminder that the obstacles, doubts and delays in our life are not the end and that sometimes the bad times is what may lead us to our greatness. It’s going to be alright cause God is good and He’s got you! Give it a listen today.

  • “That’s What I Like” by Bruno Mars from his “24K Magic” Album- there’s nothing to it except I like the fact that it makes me dance. And I love to dance!!!

This is the end of my favourites for June 2017 Edition. Hope you enjoyed!

Love and Light!

12 thoughts on “Favourite Little Things June 2017 Edition!

  1. First time to your blog and I’m so encouraged. I love Bougainvilleas as well especially when the colours fused together…so pretty!


  2. Landed here while searching for a particular person and funny to see she commented above lol :-). Great post now i’m about to head to youtube to listen to that Kirk Franklin song because the name of the album peaked my interest. Great blog looking forward to reading some more especially that one about my lovely island Grenada 🙂


    1. Glad that you landed here then! 😁

      I hope you enjoy the song and I look forward to interacting with you here on islandgirlonamission.
      I just love your island girl. I’m definitely going to be back.


      1. There is not much to not love about Grenada hahaha. Dominica though is sooo on my travel list. There are so many adventures waiting to be had. With all the natural beauty y’all possess, I know I will be in another heaven deep in the bush lol.


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