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Career Choices: Thinking Outside of the Box.

Here we are this time of year again; at the end of another school year, graduations and transitioning to college/university life. Some may already have an idea of the direction in which they want to proceed in terms of their future career and therefore may have already registered and decided what their college major will be. However, for those of you who haven’t yet chosen, still in the throes of deciding, those who are still confused, those who have already chosen or even individuals who already are in an established career but desire a career change or just want a second income, this blog post is for you.

I wish I knew back then what I know now. When I was a little girl I believed that the only successful careers were those behind a desk or the ones where you wore a stethoscope hanging loosely from around your neck. It was not until college that it dawned on me the wide range of career choices that were available. I often thought that the options were merely limited to being a doctor, lawyer, banker, teacher or plumber. While all great options, I would have liked to be aware of the other career choices as well. I believe that high school did not expose us to enough of these other options, we barely skimmed the surface. However, in recent times with the implementation of career day events and other programs aimed at creating awareness among the student body, on the other available career choices, I believe that our current high school students are a bit more knowledgeable of the various ‘out of the box’ career options that are available. I have been privileged to represent our company at a few of these events and the energy, enthusiasm and sense of eager anticipation that is generated from these young students is remarkable, and in that moment I am tempted to rethink my career choice (nope… I’m totally joking). The only other time I get to experience this is while attending graduations, like the one I attended recently in June at the North East Comprehensive High School (now this was an impressive graduation ceremony!) where I also represented my company. Kudos to the principal and staff. Congratulations class of 2017, you’re about to take over the world.

There are several ways to acquire an income and achieve success. Often times we try to select careers we believe will please our family, friends or society , therefore we go with the most ‘impressive’ ones like a doctor or a lawyer, when in fact our true passion is for art or planning. Why not be an artist then? Or an event planner? Or if you want to have the best of both worlds be a lawyer and an artist as well. Be a teacher and an event planner. The world is yours! Craft your life the the way that best suits you and never limit yourself. It doesn’t have to be either/or, why  not be both!

There are several career choices available, and because of the time we live in we could even create our own careers. I did some research and identified a few ‘out of the box’ career choices that can also allow an individual to lead a successful life. Below is a list of some not so common career options:

Out of the Box Career Options

  1. Ice Cream Taster– The job of an ice cream taster – also called a tastemaster, food scientist, sensory analyst, or flavorologist – is unsurprisingly, to taste-test ice cream. A full-time taster may be expected to stick to an aggressive daily sampling schedule, and is asked to assess the quality of each flavor on the basis of texture, color, smell, appearance, and other factors in addition to taste.
  2. Personal Shopper provides expert advice and give the highest level of customised and personal customer service possible to individual shoppers. By giving personalised attention and providing advanced knowledge of products, services, and trends, Personal Shoppers become trusted consultants for shoppers who want an enhanced buying experience. In this job, you will develop deep and lasting relationships with your client base, and will proactively communicate with them regularly as a professional advisor.
  3. Cruise Ship Entertainer– If you have a talent for singing, music, dancing, comedy, or even juggling, and you love to travel, a job as an entertainer on a cruise ship might be for you. There are many different kinds of jobs for entertainers on cruise ships. Most nights there is a large show featuring dancers, singers, and musicians. There are also solo acts such as those by magicians or comedians. Musicians can be part of an orchestra that plays while guests dance. They can also be in smaller bands that play on deck during an activity.
  4. Body Part Model– A body part model sounds like a very strange profession to have, but many models make a lot of money just modelling parts of their bodies that have a special quality to them. Hand models, foot models, leg models and more are used frequently for photographic shoots and films where the producers or directors are looking for someone with beautiful hands, “perfect” feet, or athletic legs.
  5. Blogger–  Bloggers essentially come up with post ideas, conduct research for each post, write in an engaging and clear manner, check their work for errors, find relevant photos to include with the post and publish the post on a specific date. The main difference between corporate Bloggers and personal Bloggers lies in the chain of command. Whereas personal bloggers are self-employed and can publish any kind of content they wish, corporate Bloggers usually report to higher level staff members, such as a Content Manager or Communications Manager, and must obtain approval for their content before it can be published
  6. Art Advisor– Someone who has a good eye for interior design, and more specifically a knack for selecting the best artwork to occupy a space, should consider a career as an art consultant. Consultants are hired by corporations, hotels, health care facilities, smaller businesses and private art collectors. Anyone who is looking for that perfect artwork to spice up a room can look to an art consultant for assistance. Every client has different preferences and environments to work with, which presents the consultant with a new challenge in each project.
  7. Chocolatier– A chocolatier combines a passion for art and a love for chocolate into a career making candy and confections. Some chocolatiers turn their craft into self-employment with a specialty retail shop, while others work in the production facilities of large chocolate manufacturers. The work is often hard, but you can take credit for concocting attractive and delicious chocolate treats for delighted consumers.
  8. Interior Designer– Interior Designers plan, design and coordinate the creation or renovation of the spaces we live and work in.A skilled Interior Designer is able to produce an interior that is personalised to their client’s taste and serves a functional purpose. As an Interior Designer, you’ll consider elements such as safety, traffic flow, comfort and style in your designs.
  9. Instructional Designer– Instructional design involves the process of identifying the skills, knowledge, information and attitude gaps of a targeted audience and creating, selecting or suggesting learning experiences that close this gap, based on instructional theory and best practices from the field.
  10. Atmospheric, Earth, Marine or Space Science Teacher– Teach courses in the physical sciences, except chemistry and physics. Includes both teachers primarily engaged in teaching, and those who do a combination of teaching and research.
  11. Music Therapist– Usually working as part of a therapy team, music therapists use music as part of a patient’s comprehensive therapeutic treatment plan. They work with children, adults or the elderly, assessing a patient’s mental or physical disorders and disabilities before developing a therapeutic treatment plan. Music therapy can be administered in groups or on an individual basis to address emotional and physical needs.
  12. Landscape Architect– Landscape architects create the landscapes and plan, design and manage open spaces including both natural and built environments. Their work provides innovative and aesthetically-pleasing environments for people to enjoy, while ensuring that changes to the natural environment are appropriate, sensitive and sustainable.
  13. Septic Tank Servicer– The primary duty of a septic tank servicer is to empty the septic tank in a sewage system. In order to perform to the best of their abilities, septic tanks need to be flushed out and pumped every few years. The number of years in between servicings depends on the size of the tank and the amount of people that it services.
  14. Set and Exhibit Designer– Responsible for designing the sets on TV, movie, theatre, and film productions. Collaborates with director and interprets scripts to visualize set. Works with set builders to bring vision to life on stage.
  15. Poet, Lyricist or Creative Writer– Create original written works, such as scripts, essays, prose, poetry or song lyrics, for publication or performance.
  16. Dance Therapist– Dance therapy, also known as movement therapy, is designed to help people integrate the mental, physical and emotional aspects of their lives through expressive movement. Dance therapists help clients feel better about themselves and overcome issues in their lives that may be holding them back.
  17. Wine Taster–  professional who taste various kinds of wines and identifies the difference between those wines. This profession is one of the most gifted in the world.
  18. Application Developer– Application development involves the process, life cycle and creation of the software aimed at helping users complete a computer task or program.
  19. YouTuber– YouTubers are people who believe in the power of Do It Yourself! They create their own YouTube channels, vlog (video blog) regularly and build subscribers over time. The more traffic their channel gets, the more opportunities they have for percentage-based advertising revenue, freebies for review purposes, promotions and partnerships. YouTubing tends to start out as a hobby not a career. However, with time, effort and luck it can become a career… and one that pays well. At the very worst, you’ll end up doing something you love and maybe making a bit of money on the side.
  20. Travel Writer– Travel writers have one of the coolest gigs out there. You travel the globe, jet setting from one exotic location to the next and write about it. Travel writers can write on just about anything – ski resorts, beach resorts, golf courses, hotels, safaris, treks, markets, shopping, real estate, airlines, nightlife, culture, art, shopping, ecotourism, and just about anything that is part of the multi-billion dollar travel industry. It’s all about finding a unique viewpoint on the travel experience.
  21. Chocolate Taster– is a professional who tastes chocolate with different flavours and gets paid for it. Chocolate tasters need to have a wide knowledge about chocolates and a clean and sensitive palate as chocolate flavours are rich and intense.

We are all on our own journey, trying to find the path that best suits us on this journey called life. Take time to create, to grow, to evolve into the best version of who you are. Some days your journey will be smooth and bump free and other days it will be filled with hurdles which may appear impossible to get over but don’t doubt yourself and do not let what appears to be impossible cripple your growth and potential.

The beautiful thing about this life is that we can change paths whenever we want to, when we understand that our current path is not the best one for our journey. Similarly we can apply this to career choices as well. Know that it is never too late to start the career of your dreams. Know that even if you’re working a desk job it doesn’t mean that you cannot go ahead to create the beautiful art that you’re so passionate about. Know that the decision to live in your truth is the only way you will truly be of benefit to yourself, your family and your society. Take care of yourself first; internally and externally, mentally and physically and live this journey called life the best way you know how.

Go ahead, identify your passion and use that passion to generate an income, that way you will be making money while having a fun time.

Happy Hunting!

20 thoughts on “Career Choices: Thinking Outside of the Box.

  1. This is so great! I also think that students just do not know themselves and go down one path thinking that is what they want to be and realize later it is not for them. The problem is they spent so much money already on the career they already started!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. That is so true. I had a similar experience and if I knew better back then I would have crafted my studies differently. However, it is also my experience that it is never too late. Thank you for your feedback and for stopping by 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, it is so true. Everything leads us to where we have to be in life! I think whenever I have children though, I will make sure they have good reflection skills to help lead them the right direction earlier! Thanks for the follow!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Some really exciting career options there! I’d like to add that students need not worry about being restricted by their choice of major or specialism. You can study whatever you want only to realise you want to do something different. As long as you follow your passion!

    Amanda |

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  3. I think it is a great disservice that we don’t let students explore more career opportunities! The possibilities are ENDLESS and I don’t think we should ever steer someone away from creating their own opportunity. Have you ever read Road Map (I am in no way affiliated with the book, I’ve just read it and loved it)? It is an amazing book that helps you map out and combine your passions in order to explore all of your possibilities. It was very eye opening for me!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I think it is indeed a disservice. As I grow I am learning so much as well as learning how to unlearn some of the restrictive opinions I had in the past about career and our journey to success. I haven’t read this book yet but I am definitely going to search for it as soon as I’m done with this reply. Thank you so much for the feedback 😊

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  4. How do I sign up to become an ice cream taster?! The sky is the limit and there are so many opportunities for people out there, especially with technology. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I think being a cruise ship entertainer would be fantastic! My sister is a musical theater major in school right now. What a way to travel the world and save your money while doing it! I’m hoping she does so I can finally have a reason to go on a cruise!

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