What August Taught Me

A brand new month has started and as it presents it’s new challenges and expectations I reflect upon the past month and I am pleased that this reflection reminds me of a very important lesson. It is that good things happen. I’m reminded of two really good wins that I’ve experienced this month and I’m quite happy that August granted me this favor. 

I’m reminded that even when we can’t see it with our bare eyes or our current experience forces us to believe that nothing good could ever come out of this journey, we have to remember that the bad won’t last forever and good things will happen. Just like every storm runs out of rain, we have to remember that the bad experiences we encounter will not be our constant. Storms will come but storms are not unending. The skies must clear!

August taught me to believe in the good things even when I can’t see them, because when I least expect it something good will come and all I need to do is to keep working on believing in my hopes and dreams.

We have to keep in mind that our thoughts have a lot to do with the way we interpret and experience the good and bad experiences in life. I can say this because I have had the opportunity to see things from both view points. The more negative I thought things would turn out , guess what, this is exactly what manifested. However, when retraining my brain to view things more positively, it’s almost as if I was telling the universe to work with me and give me this good thing. So this is exactly what I got in return, good things. Even if there was negativity suspended and circulating all around me I started choosing to focus on the good things around me and only allow the energy from the positive experiences to resonate with me. This way I was filled with more energy to live, love and give to myself and to others.

August has caused me to realise that all my wins and losses over the years was just part of my journey and never meant to defeat me but to build me into the individual that I am today. I am better, stronger and more resilient because I faced the challenges thrown at me. Sometimes with tears in my eyes but I faced them because deep down inside I always knew that there was hope for a better tomorrow.

So don’t be to hard on yourself when you are challenged. Welcome those challenges and fight them with all the grace, style and strength that you possess because you have hope for the good thing that will happen tomorrow. Here’s to a wonderful September 2017 and beyond!

Let the good things roll!

Love and Light

Lyndel xxx

9 thoughts on “What August Taught Me

  1. Speaking positivity into your future is something I learned long ago. It gets hard when you seem to be stuck under a gray cloud but once you start doing it consistently things really do start to turn around.

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  2. These are beautiful lessons. The one that stuck out in particular to me was the last one about realizing that wins and losses over time do not amount to defeat, but growth.

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