We Are One Caribbean

This week has been a tough one. My island, though it was put on storm warning during the passing of hurricane Irma, we were spared from it’s devastation, with only minimal rain, wind and some rough seas. Unfortunately the islands north of Dominica were not so lucky and viewing the aftermath of this hurricane is heartbreaking. I had to take a time out from social media and any forms of contact to gather my thoughts and myself at one point. I can’t even bring myself to attach any of the devastating pictures I’ve viewed on social media.

I remember when Tropical Storm Erica hit Dominica how badly everyone else around the caribbean was hurt, because while we are all different and unique in our own way, we are truly one big caribbean family. Even if we are still faced with challenges from the damages caused by Erica we are alive and we still have hope. This is why I know that our sister islands will pull through this as well, with the help of our God and the support of the sister islands and friends. Let’s never forget that! When one hurts, we all hurt.

While my island was spared physical damage, almost everyone here is somewhat an emotional wreck as we either have family or friends who live on these other islands where the devastation was significant and some places are declared as uninhabitable. Because of where I attended university I have formed some very long lasting bonds with people who live all over the Caribbean, and a lot of them live on these affected islands. Waiting to hear from them was hard. It forces you mind to wander and all sorts of possibilities come to mind that leaves you with an uneasy feeling in the depths of your being that you just can’t explain. Fortunately I have heard from a number of them and while they may have lost material possessions they still have life. For that I am thankful to the creator.

I am grateful for the lives spared because I know without a doubt that this could have turned out incredibly worst than it did. I encourage us to keep positive. I know a lot of people are saying negative things about the islands but do not pay too much attention to it. Vibrate higher, rise above it and let’s build back our islands one step at a time, one day at a time because everyone needs paradise to go back to normal.

While at this moment my family and relatives are still waiting on word from my cousin and her family in St. Thomas, and the silence is almost unbearable, I am forced to keep hope alive, a prayer on my heart and send out positive vibes that will reach them and comfort them whatever the case is. We are thinking about you guys and praying. We cannot wait to get word from you. Please join with me and my family in sending out prayer and good vibes for them.

And even as the threat of hurricane Jose looms over these already affected islands let us pray for a miracle that they are spared more harm or damage.

We are one Caribbean and we will rise again!

Please leave some prayer, good vibes and encouragement in the comment section.

Love, light and hugs to all those affected.

Lyndel xxx ❤️✨

8 thoughts on “We Are One Caribbean

  1. My thoughts and prayers have been with every as Hurricane Irma builds steam and dredges onward. My best to you and your island, as well as the islands hit the hardest. Thank you for the update.

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  2. Alot of my friends have family or were affected themselves, they lost their houses and property but thankfully the lives of their family were not lost. This storm was a HUGE wake up call and catastrophe, praying that the island have a speedy recover and that Jose just disappears, sigh, keep praying and stay strong x.

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  3. I had been thinking about you all this weekend and hoping and praying that you were safe! It is very good to hear that you are well and that you know most of your friends and family are safe. However, for the ones you have not heard from I am praying for their safety and for God’s peace and hope to fill everyone’s thoughts and hearts. I know He sees and I believe He is crying for all that has been lost. I pray for healing and growth and that He will take this evil and bring great good from it for everyone.

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