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The Things I Took for Granted

A lot has changed.

Simple things I once took for granted now bring me so much delight….a cold shower in the early mornings, a phone call from a friend, having fish for a meal or a cold glass of water.

I wake up and jump straight in the shower. I like how I can catch the water before it disappears and how each drop hits my warm skin, creating a somewhat scintillating effect all over me. I like how even if my mind wants me to get away from the cold that I stay there and enjoy the effects of the contrast of the cold water on my warm body and what it means in itself.


I like how with every drop on my skin it creates this effervescence and tingling feeling almost as if I’m being misted with some minty bubbly fragrance and It’s somewhat rejoicing with me that there’s water in the shower.


Something so simple that I once took for granted, is now one of my greatest delights and is now a cherished opportunity.

And I like the simple fact that it indicates progress!

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