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6 Positive Practices to Help Boost Your 2018!

2017 is over and while some of us may have achieved all we set out to for the last year, there are those of us who are still churning on toward the path of achievement. From my experience last year I implemented a few positive practices that surely has helped boost my 2017 and bring me closer to the person that I am destined to be and closer to living my truth. So I figured why not share it with you all. If it worked for me it may just work for someone else.

Below are 6 Positive Practices to Help Boost Your 2018:

Create A Vision Board– a vision board will help you clarify, focus and pay attention to your life goals. It utilizes images of things that you would like to see happen in your life and the goals you would like to accomplish. I used old magazines and construction paper to create my vision board.

Vision Board

Use a Journal for Planning– a journal helps you plan daily, weekly of monthly. It helps map out the various task you will need to work on in order to accomplish your goal. You can find a nice journal at your local book store or online.

Do Something Everyday that Brings you Closer to Your Goals– every little bit counts. Every little bit will add up so don’t think that something as simple as jotting down that note won’t go a long way. This year I practiced this. Even if it was just reading a chapter on a subject I wanted to achieve. So remember no matter how tiny or insignificant it may seem that if it can help your end goal in some way then it should be done.

goalsRead, Read and Read!– do I even need to say more? Reading aids our development in so many ways. A chapter a day or at least once a week can go a very long way. I try to read at least once book a month.

dv1453017Stay Positive– I know this could be difficult, especially with everything going on around us. So much negative energy from the outside and those we battle with on the inside. However, we must not give up. We must fight everyday to dispel those negative thoughts and replace them with beautiful thoughts of positivity. Believe me I’m preaching to myself as well.


Forgive Yourself for Past Mistakes and Live in Your Truth; Flaws and All!– let go of the guilt of the past and move on. There’s nothing more crippling than letting guilt keep you down. Let it go and love yourself. Yes you messed up and that is your truth but only you can create the next chapter. Love yourself enough to let it go.


Here’s to a bright, prosperous and fulfilling new year 2018!

Love and Light!

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