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For the Love of Chocolate!

We are all somehow connected in one way or another. A lot of the times not having even met each other we end up sharing similar interests, likes, & dislikes. In this case I ended up sharing similar interests with about 30 other people and we finally met in May of 2017.

It all started for me when I found out about the Grenada Chocolate Festival while doing some personal Cocoa research for our farm. I thought it was quite interesting, sent them an email and this began my journey to this very memorable experience. The Grenada Chocolate Festival is hosted to celebrate the origin of Chocolate and their Grenadian chocolate roots. I learned so much at this event, and you can read about my experience here.

Maurice Bishop International Airport

We had a grand time exploring the various cocoa farms and chocolate making factories on the island of Grenada. We did things from actual cocoa farming to making chocolate face masks. However, I had no clue that this encounter would win me a truly lovely bunch of people who I can call my Cocoa/Chocolate family. They’re not only family in words but indeed they are family in action, because when they thought I needed them they were there showing support.

Chocolate Yoga Session

A short time after hurricane Maria hit and our island was left almost unrecognizable I was contacted by Lylette, a Grenadian chocolatier and a cocoa sister. She was reaching out to find out how I was doing and what it is that I needed. Subsequent to that she informed me that the chocolate family had raised some funds for me and my family and wanted to know what I needed. I was quite overwhelmed with joy and gratitude at this very kind act, displayed to me by a group of individuals who I had only met a few months earlier. I don’t know, maybe it’s because we consume so much cocoa and dark chocolate that this warmth and love runs through our veins for each other and I have no doubt that it resonates to others outside of our chocolate family. I am quite confident of that because the mission trip to Dominica didn’t just end with me it spread far and wide across Dominica, as Lylette and Kim Russell of Crayfish Bay Organic Chocolate had also steered a water filtration jerrycan mission which they donated to Dominica, touching several communities in their 9 day stay on island. I plan on blogging about this very interesting mission in the near future. The acts of kindness toward me and my family didn’t only take on the form of food donations but we were offered accommodation at True Blue Bay Boutique Resort in Grenada by Mr. & Mrs. Fielden. Can you imagine how overwhelmingly happy and grateful I was for this? We had been working so hard and we were extremely tired, so this was an unexpected and very welcomed blessing. They too are my angels in human form. My family and I are eternally grateful to True Blue for their offer and for their wonderful hospitality and service on our stay at their hotel. We were able to relax, have some fun and get re-energized and then to head back home to continue the task of rebuilding our home, our business and our country. Keep us in your prayers and positive thoughts and if you wish to come to Dominica to do some hands on relief and give some help to our island please do not hesitate. If you’re ever planning on visiting Grenada please check out this amazingly beautiful place. Not only because it has beautiful scenery but also because the owners are so genuinely kind to their staff and their guest. I love them!

Water Filtration Jerrycans in Dominica for Distribution

All this being said, I’d like to say thank you to my Chocolate family. You all are remarkable and a truly genuine bunch. I am so happy I made the decision to visit Chocolate Fest 2017 and that I had the opportunity to meet such amazing people. The thing is I thought that you all were amazing before this hurricane hit and then you all came to my aid, so imagine how much more dear you all are to my heart even now.


We never know how significant an impact an individual or organization will have on our lives. I didn’t even think that I would have been remembered. I was just an eager and interested Dominican girl wanting to learn more about cocoa and eat chocolate lol (joke about the chocolate part…. well kinda, sorta). However I was remembered and embraced by this group of remarkable souls. Thank you to everyone who donated in some way to assist my family and my country.

So my Grenada Chocolate Fest family here’s to you! I love you!


Warm chocolatety hugs

Cocoa sister



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