Dirty Sneakers and Garden Forks

Gardening and walking have been two after work activities which seem to bring me a great sense of peace as well as adding to my good health by getting my blood flowing and my heart pumping. In addition I really love the results of seeing my plants germinate and thrive as well as the results in my physique.

I have been sowing cocoa seeds in order to help rehabilitate my cocoa farm after it was destroyed by hurricane Maria. We were able to source a few cocoa pods and I have used those to make plants which will eventually be trees on our cocoa farm and thriving.

My workout includes a walk/run routine, which in the beginning consisted of mostly walking but as time progresses and I stick with it I am observing that my strength is increasing and I am able to run for longer periods without feeling like I am about to pass out. Yayyy me!

The addition of these two simple activities has helped shape my day and gives me a sense of fulfillment. I don’t ever feel fulfilled or that my day was complete if I do not include some kind of exercise routine. Now I am not trying to present myself as some super exercise freak or anything but the fact that I know better and am aware of how important physical exercise is for my health I don’t feel satisfied if I do not include it at the beginning or the end of my day. Therefore, I am making a significant effort to include at least 45 minutes of exercise a day up to 4 times a week. I plan on sticking with it and even if some days I fall short I will pick up where I fell short the next day. No pressure!

I look forward to seeing my plants grow into beautiful trees and flourish on my farm and I anticipate that their yield will be abundant. I want to work on making a beautiful flower garden also some day. Wish me luck. I will be sure to share this with you once I get it done.

I am also optimistic that I will continue incorporating exercise in my every day life and that it will benefit my overall health and will also add to a pleasing physique.

I’m speaking it into existence. I hope this helps motivate someone, somewhere to do something they know is good for them or something that they have been meaning to accomplish. Come on let’s get those sneakers dirty!

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