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My Summer Glowy Skin Routine.

As an island girl I am always faced with a constant battle between my flawless makeup and the heat. Whomp whomp :(.

While some may have flawless skin and not suffer with any imperfections, there are those of us who have blemishes, hyper-pigmentation or discolorations that we’d prefer to cover up with makeup before we hit the streets. However, due to our climate once we get outdoors our makeup seems to melt and it would seem that all the time we spent perfecting our ‘makeup of the day’ was pointless.

I am here to tell you that there’s hope and that you can ditch all those makeup of the day routines for this summer ‘glowy’ skin routine that I have tested and come to love.

I have been wearing less make up and doing more makeup free days because my skin has just been glowing and radiant.

I have incorporated some new steps into my skincare routine and it definitely is paying off. I love how radiant my skin has been and I think it would be awesome to share it with you guys. So before the summer is over here’s how you can achieve this radiance!


Hope you can incorporate these tips and products or variations of them into your skin care routine.

Love, light and glow!

Islandgirl Lyndel

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