What Kyrzayda Taught Me!

A few years ago when I joined Instagram, like many of you I had to find interesting people to follow. I came upon Kyrzayda’s Instagram page and I immediately fell in love with her style and energy. I would scroll through and check out all her styles because she had an impeccable fashion sense and I could not resist spending several minutes studying her style and how graceful she presented herself in each post. The way she combined pieces of clothing and accessories that would eventually leave us in awe. I grew to love a woman I had never met and it was almost as if she were a distant relative or friend.

Fast forward to October 2017 I saw an unexpected post from Kyrzayda that she had been sick and was diagnosed with cancer and I was absolutely gutted! I wasn’t able to comprehend how such a beautiful, amazing soul would have to suffer from this terribly evil disease. I was sad and immediately messaged my sister Louise, who I knew was also following her to find out whether she knew that Kyrzayda was sick. She replied that she had known and how sad it made her. Everyday I would visit her page just to see her post and check on her style and updates on how she was doing. What struck me the most was the beautiful spirit that she exuded through her post. Her strength and grace and the amazing positive attitude she maintained through this entire journey. I literally ended up praying for Kyrzayda, a woman who I never met personally but who grew on me as if it were inevitable.

Last Thursday evening when Kyrzayda did her Instagram live I was extremely inspired but at the same time heartbroken when she started crying and asking us as bloggers and artist to do what we had to and not wait for another minute or another hour but to do it now! I bawled my eyes out that night because I saw how weak she was and admired the effort she employed in order to leave interact with us. After this I went on to say a prayer for her that God would work a miracle and restore her health.

However, on Sunday 9th September God saw it fit to call Kyrzayda home and while I, like many others were completely gutted and our tears flowed I couldn’t help but be reminded of how much of an inspiration she was to my life and how much she opened my eyes to the true meaning of gratitude, strength, resilience and a positive attitude.

Here are some other lessons I learned from Kyrzayda’s journey

  • Live Intentionally- no longer will I just live each day without passion but I will intentionally make everyday one that I feel alive and fill every experience in each day with something meaningful. I will purpose in my heart to find something to smile about even when I am faced with obstacles and difficulties that challenge my happiness.


  • Improve my faith and love in God- I saw how faithful Kyrzayda was in her fight and I realized that my relationship with my maker wasn’t anywhere near where I wanted it to be. Kyrzayda saying how much she trusted and loved God awakened something within me and I am more determined to spend time building this very important relationship with my creator.


  • No matter the circumstance I find myself in, never allow it to dull my sparkle- Kyrzayda never allowed her illness to change the way her spirit radiated through her smile, her message, her beauty and her exceptional fashion. I love how she didn’t let this illness define her but she told it that ‘yes you’re in me, but YOU ARE NOT ME and I will sparkle while I take on this fight.’ I will try everyday to be as resilient and take on each challenge with a more positive attitude just like Kyrzayda did.


  • Determine to be kinder to others each day- what good is our journey here if we can’t be a little kinder and a little sweeter to others? What is our purpose here if we can’t make the life of someone a little lighter and help them ease the everyday burdens by giving a gentle smile or a helping hand? Determine to make an impact in someones life today.


  • Always let your light shine- be a ray of positive energy. Through Kyrzayda’s post you could always sense her positive love and energy radiating from her and this resonated with me. I want to let my light shine through and touch others who I come in contact with whether it be physically or virtually.


  • No matter how difficult things may be; get up and dress up!- wake up, put on that outfit that makes you feel most beautiful and vibrant, wear your fancy sandals or heels, go out to the spa and get your nails done or finally have that massage or facial, throw on some red lipstick, grab your favorite tote and sashay into the world! Do not allow your challenges or obstacles to define who you are or how you feel. Get up, dress up and jump over or under those obstacles in grand style. You may feel troubled but you do not have to look it :). What really resonated with me is how determined Kyrzayda was to face every challenge through this journey with grace, strength and style!


  • Show gratitude- there is always something to be grateful for each day. Kyrzayda reminded me of that every day that I saw her get up and put a post out there even while she was struggling. I developed a deeper appreciation for my blessings big and small and made an effort to show gratitude to God more regularly than I would have previously done. The more gratitude we show, the more blessings will flow.


  • Walk in and with purpose-we were all created for a purpose. Find out what that is and live it everyday. It may be that you need to be that friend who is always there to lend a shoulder to cry on or the friend with the listening ear. It may be that you were created to be the young man or young woman who changes the future of your small community by working with its youth or simply being there for that one neighbor who struggles. Whatever you figure out your purpose to be walk in that purpose intentionally. That way I can make a difference in the life of someone else and help make their journey here a more beautiful one.


  • Be resilient in every circumstance; do not be defeated- determine within your heart and soul to fight! Don’t let any circumstance or obstacle defeat you! You are stronger and more powerful than you know. All you have to do is believe.


  • “Whatever you want to do, do it now! Don’t wait until the next hour or tomorrow….no! Do it now.”-Kyrzayda Rodriguez- Last Thursday during her Instagram live Kyrzayda encouraged her fellow bloggers and followers to go after their dreams. Do not wait another minute or hour…do it now! I believe that by saying this was a powerful command, I echo the sentiments of everyone who was present while she made what we now know as her last appeal.


  • Take time out to have fun- I am sure we have all heard the saying, ‘all work and no play makes Jack or Jane a dull boy (or girl).’ It’s often easy for us to get caught up in all the task of everyday life and neglect to take a breather to have some fun with our family and friends or just a solo picnic day. I to am guilty of going and going and not stopping long enough to smell the roses or just breathe. We do not know what will happen today or the next day but we should live intentionally and with purpose and sprinkle some fun in each day.


  • Appreciate our loved ones- we do not know what the future holds and our most important investment is the loved ones we were blessed with. Let’s never forget to invest our time with them as they are our most treasured blessing from the Lord.


  • And finally, be an inspiration to and make a difference in the life of others- what good is our journey here if we can’t be an inspiration in our little corner of the world? Your reach doesn’t have to be one thousand people or one million, if it’s one person you can inspire then be that inspiration to this one individual. Kyrzayda may never have thought that when she started her mission and her blog that it would have had such a great impact on this world, however, she went for it and look at the amazing outcome. Look how much she has impacted our lives and has inspired us all to be an agent of change, to be better versions of ourselves and to inspire the ones we come in contact with whether physically or virtually.


Thank you Kyrzayda for being such an angel on earth and a true inspiration to us all. We love you.

Now you’ve gained your wings angel.


Rest in Peace Beautiful, until we meet on that glorious day.

Love and light!



17 thoughts on “What Kyrzayda Taught Me!

      1. Your welcome, hope you have been following my blogpost it would be much appreciated. Feel free to Like, Comment and Follow my Blogpost.

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  1. I just read your lessons learned and cried all over again… like you I ran across her style on ig and automatically loved her vibe and spirit and instantly feel in love with her!!! I was so heartbroken when she posted she had cance and was so drawn more to her! I watched her in her transformation to heaven and was just at ahhh because she stayed fashionable to the end!!! She was a angwl her on earth and her style was everything!!! I follow her friend now and she has great style too!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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  2. Beautiful written! I agree every word typed on this tribute! To see her so graciously show up inspire of what she was going through is true inspiration! Thank you for the reminder of what she represented to us all!

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  3. Seeing this article sparked more love of fashion for me… And I am soooooo in love already. Her use of color, texture, balance, style, class, shapes…i could go on and on. I hope is she is resting gracefully and beautifully. Awesome read❤

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  4. Absolutely beautiful. This is exactly how I felt about Kyrzayda Rodriguez. Like you I never met her but loved her incredible sense of style. She looked amazing in everything she wore. Like her I was diagnosed with cancer, breast cancer 2 years ago. I decided to walk proud & live life in a different way. I decided to be happy & appreciate & love myself. Thank you so much for sharing this post. You inspired me to share a little of me.
    God bless !! Be safe

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    1. Oh waw Franchesca. Thank you so much for your feedback and for sharing a bit of your story here with us. I’m proud of you. I pray that you are doing well and happy that this blog inspired you. Blessings and abundance


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