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George Floyd

Upon seeing the video of George Floyd being held down with an officer’s knee in his neck while he cried out for help broke me.

I cried!

I cried because I saw a black man who was somebody’s son, husband, father, brother, uncle, cousin and friend plead for his life while another man knelt on his neck with a smug look on his face almost as if he somehow got pleasure from feeling another mans life leave his body. I cried because I wish I could have helped him.

The frequency of this occurrence of police brutality toward the black man in America makes me extremely upset. I am outraged!

Although I could not bear to view the entire video in one sitting I was able to see snippets here and there. Hearing George Floyd beg for help while being murdered in broad daylight hurt me to my core. I thought of my uncles, cousins and friends who are all black men living in America. It scares me to think that just because of the color of their skin they could be the next victim. It hurt because as a ‘boy mom’ hearing George cry out for his mother shattered me. It hurt because I am a mom of a black boy and while we live in a place where we are not discriminated against because of the color of our skin I somehow feel a heavy weight of anxiety for ‘boy moms’ who live in America and are directly affected by this unfortunate reality. I feel their pain and how disheartening living in this reality ought to be.

I wonder could this happen to my brother on his visits to America or to my father when he decides to take a trip to spend time with his brother. Will one of the videos that pop up in my news feed of the next police brutality be that of one of my black friends? This incident brought up so many questions and while I do not live in America I feel tremendous anxiety about the possibilities of losing another black man or woman because their only crime was the color of their skin.

It is painful to watch this unfold time after time, over and over again. Black lives matter! They are Gods creation as well. Stop treating black people as if they are objects. We are living, breathing, souls with needs, dreams, wants, desires and aspirations just as much as any other race. We are more than just here for your entertainment. You love when we win races or anything that makes your America look good as if we’re just a means to an end. Please stop killing us. We deserve long, fulfilling and prosperous lives also. Please give us a chance to do that without cutting our lives short.

It is not okay.

It is time to stop!

Please get off our necks. We can’t breathe!

We can all make a change. Let us no longer sit in silence to this ill in our world. Let’s start today.

Love and light!

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