Hi I’m Lyndel

I’m Lyndel Paris an island girl from the Nature Isle of the Caribbean, Dominica! I am of Afro-Kalinago descent and enthusiastic about my heritage. I have a Bsc in Behavioural Science and a M.Sc in Project Management. I’m also a certified interior decorator which I pursued as a hobby. I love travelling, hiking, site seeing, writing and volunteer work. I’m an aspiring vegan and minimalist. I’m in search of the true meaning of life and to be a better version of me every day while trying to make the lives of those around me more beautiful. I aspire to vibrate higher always and exist on a frequency that prevents negativity from crippling my life.

I decided to start writing a blog because of my love for writing and I realised it was a way of expressing my thoughts and sharing my experiences with other people. I believe that I have valuable information that is worth sharing that will help to make the lives of others better. I learn so much from every experience and I am eager to share it with other Island Girls and Women of all ages, races and nationalities, who, like myself are just trying to make beautiful experiences and memories out of this thing called life! My mission on this blog is to empower others through what I share and add love and light to everyone’s day through my text and images. I hope that this blog is enlightening and does indeed add love and light to your life.

“My soul is blossoming and I am inviting you to witness it!”- Unkown

Peace, Love and Light!