My Poetry and Quotes


Sometimes the bad experience is the catalyst to finding and defining your true self. Sometimes that is what you need to start building yourself back and take you to the point where you realize that you shouldn’t shrink for anybody. That you should always speak your truth and stand your ground whether people like it or not. 

However, never forget to be good to others but still live in your truth and live fully. 

Take your shoes off when needed. Get dirty when you have to and just get involved in everything that thrills you and adds light to this life. Engage every moment and live in it. Notice how it makes you feel, whether it drives you or it confuses you and decide if you want to keep experiencing it or not. If it’s raining enjoy the rain drops on your skin, raise your face to the showers and understand the miracle that it is. 

Accept that this is your life and you have to live it the way you want to and just live it joyfully….flaws and all. 

Sometimes the terrible experience is the miracle you were really looking for.

Love and light.”- Lyndel Paris

I Am!

I Am not peaches and cream!

I am roses with thorns and strong drink, that even when things don’t taste sweet on your tongue you still drink every sip of me.

I am the woman you choose over and over, again and again like your favourite strong drink because I am all you have been searching for.

I don’t want to be loved just because I am a woman and I possess the parts of a body which are useful to you.

I want to be loved because I am everything that you have ever dreamed of,

I am the manifestation of your dreams turned into reality,

I am every good and bad thing that you have ever imagined love to be

I do not want to be loved by default or halfway. 

I want fierce love!

I want raw love!

Love that won’t be afraid to choose me over and over, again and again

I will be loved for all of me or nothing at all

I am not peaches and cream

I am roses with thorns

I am strong drink!

-Lyndel G. Paris